Din efterårsguide - PARK STYLING DK

Your autumn guide

It is getting darker and darker by the day - and the autumn gives us more cause for warmth and pampering. At PARK we want to give you the most wonderful and cosy autumn - as is why we have made a guide for you.

Lighting candles

When it gets dark, there is nothing better then creating autumn cosiness with lighting candles. The more the better. Light candles in your space and feel the heat and cosiness spread. You can also create DIYs by using your empty PARK packaging as tea light holders fyrfadslysestager.


There is nothing better than fresh baked goods - and there is nothing more autumnal than warm and fluffy cinnamon buns. If you need a weekend project, you could bake cake or bread. You can make anything you desire and let your creativity unfold.

A good movie 

Autumn is equal to sofa cosiness. A lot of blankets, pillows, and maybe home baked goods is the recipe for the perfect movie night. Light candles, find a movie, and unwind while the weather may be gloomy outside. 

A long walk

Even though autumn weather is not always the most welcoming weather for a walk, there is nothing beautiful than a walk on a sunny autumn day. If you live near a forest area, it can be so magical to move through a forest with the leaves changing color and dancing through the sky. A walk can be calming for the soul and recharge the body with new energy.


Autumn's weather changes also affect the skin and hair. Therefore, extra pampering in this season is essential.

A warm shower with our haircare product can create a home spa feel for the ultimate pampering. It is important to care for your hair in the cold months, because the weather affects your hair making it drier. Try our Argan X-treme serie, if your hair needs extra moisture. You can always find our wide range of haircare products on our hjemmeside.

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