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Are you going on holiday in the sun? Look out for these signs in your hair.

Are you going on holiday in the sun? No matter where you go, it is important to protect your hair against UV rays. 

Here we will guide you to spot 3 clear signs that your hair has been affected by the sun: 


When the sun damages your hair in a way that splits your ends. It contributes to your hair breaking more easily and thus becoming damaged.


The sun has a very drying effect on your hair, which is why many will experience very dry hair during the summer.


The sun also wears away at the outer layer of your hair, called the cuticle layer, and the hair can, therefore, tend to become very frizzy.

If you can recognize these signs, your hair is very likely to be sun damaged. But don't worry!

Of course, we have developed yet another wonder product for your summer hair, which both repairs, protects and cares:

PARK Moisturizing Heat/Sun Repair Leave-In is a leave-in formula which with the help of hydrolysed wheat protein among other things, manages to repair your damaged hair from the inside and leave the hair clean, healthy, and shiny. It is ideal for hair that appears damaged due to hot air, sun or chemical treatments, but also works preventively. It is a definite favorite among our customers, and is being ripped off the shelves during these summer months. Are you going to bring one with you?

PARK Moisturizing Heat/Sun Repair Leave-In can be bought HER

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